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The subscription boxes are designed for all sorts of creatives and craft lovers. 


Each month a new kit will arrive filled with everything you need to create a new terrazzo project. 


You will recieve all the materials along with your own step by step guide. Learn how to cast a terrazzo effect object (it could be an egg cup, a planter, a mirror frame - but we like to keep it a suprise!! Design your colour palette, then learn how to mix and add pigment to Jesmonite making the chips to cast into the mixture. Finally you will sand and finish your product.


Jesmonite is a versatile gypsum based resin, it is non-toxic making it safe to work with. The products are water based so it is wipe clean on surfaces and will come out on clothes.


£28 a month for an anual subscription.

£32 for a rolling subscription.

Monthly Workhop Subscription

Price Options
6 Month Subscription
£32.00monthly/ 6 months
Yearly Subscription
£28.00monthly/ 12 months