The premise of starting my business was to create small pieces of artwork. Throughout art school at Central St Martins I predominately worked with concrete and metal. I have always been drawn to materials that represent ideas of strength, stability and durability and have industrial aesthetics.  I believe once you have a form of stability, support and structure this then provides the basis for progression, development and growth.


I design and make everything by hand at my workshop based in Walthamstow.. Due to the nature of the materials used, no two pieces are ever the same so my collections offer something unique, design-led and thoroughly authentic. 



Alongside working with metal and concrete, I teach yoga. It gives me a great amount of focus and grounding that I need when running my business. I find that teaching yoga also helps to create solid structure and foundations that last within the bodies of myself and my students this a key theme throughout my work.


My yoga practice has all been a big inspiration for many of my designs, it has also inspired me to focus on strategies that unite health and design. There is an opportunity through design to impact and improve the health and well-being of people and I seek to do this.