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See my process from the instal ideas and design stages all the way through to the finished product.

How its made 

Bespoke metal work

Bespoke metal work

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Homeware Products

Fancy learning a new skill? 


Beija London is a beautiful underwear brand, see how we created a bespoke bench for there coal drops yard store.

Bespoke Bench @ Beija London

Rubino x Akwisombe oil buner collaboration. Click to shop and to find out more about how we collaborated.

Rubino x Akwisombe 

Explore the many types of terrazzo, colour varitions, tradtional and not so tradtional methods.

Terazzo & Concrete 

Combining  Living rooms our signature solid oiled European oak base with my hand cast terrazzo top.

Livingroom Collaboration

B E S P O K E  F U R N I T U R E